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We at JAC Ltd, were pleased to endorse and embrace the introduction of the new standard and the opportunity of providing safer and fully compliant I.S. EN 62305 lightning protection systems for our customers in 2006. We are now delighted to have been invited by the NSAI to be involved in the updating of the standards for 2011/12.

The main purpose of a lightning protection system is to protect against Risk of Loss of Human life (Risk “R1�) and Risk of Loss of Services (“R2�).
Inadequate or incomplete installations are indefensible and must now incorporate both internal and external lightning protection, tailored precisely to your needs.
There are now two equally important aspects of your lightning protection requirements, each of which is dependant on the other and both of which together provide your lightning protection.
These are the familiar structural (external) protection and the not so familiar, Service Entry lightning current (internal) protection. Unless you have catered for both of these aspects of lightning protection risks, you will not have a compliant or safe protection system and, more importantly, you are putting the inhabitants of your structure at serious and avoidable risk.

Lightning protection installers who claim that the internal protection is the responsibility of others, are normally unqualified to install internal protection or do not employ electrically qualified installers required for the installation. We employ ONLY electrically qualified installers.

Our provided services are at your disposal, from a full turnkey solution to selected single components of Risk Assessment, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Certification of Lightning Protection, Earthing, Lightning Current and Coordinated Surge Protection.

We are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of this specialist field and including, the general building Construction Trade, Regional Distribution Centres, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petro Chemical, Computer Centres, Railway, University Campus, Airports, Green Energy systems, etc.

We continue to provide a free advisory service and technical presentations, in relation to all aspects of the latest CENELEC suite of I.S. EN 62305 lightning protection standards.


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