I.S. EN62305 Standards:

Since the introduction of the new European standards on Lightning Protection, now more than ever, is the time to ensure complete compliance. Gone are the days of "Rule Of Thumb" Lightning Protection designs or estimates. With the aide of the new and very detailed suite of I.S. EN Standards, inadequate or inappropriate installations are indefensable and must be a thing of the past. Parts 1 to 4 inclusive are now necessary to provide 100% compliance and certifiable protection.

As qualified specialists in the science and technology associated with coordinated lightning protection, and with the full support of W.J. Furse, we undertake to provide you with a complete and technically comprehensive protection for you and indeed your client.

Diagram below illustrates the individual importance of each part within the I.S. EN 62305 Standard to provide 100% protection:

ISEN Pie Chart

Part 1: General Principals of Lightning Protection

Part 2: Risk Management - Lightning Risk Assessment

Part 3: Structural Protection

Part 4: Surge Arrestors - which account for 50% of the protection.

I.S. EN 62305 designs are no longer purely structural protection designs, but must now incorporate coordinated protection, to include, risk management. IE. "RISK OF LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE", "LOSS OF SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC", "LOSS OF CULTURAL HERITAGE" and of course "ECENOMIC LOSS". Hence the need to now carry out an initial and comprehensive lightning risk assessment. The risk assessment will determine the level of protection required (levels 1 to 4) and indeed the method of protection required for a specific structure/facility. Coordinated SPD zonal protection is now an essential part.

Dont worry, as Specialists, we are here to help.
In association with W.J. Furse we can process your provided structural detail, by way of the newly developed W.J. Furse Risk Assessment Software. As registered SR004 risk assessment / designers, we will provide you with a complete and I.S. EN 62305 compliant lightning protection design & Installation.

We are also able to provide a series of presentations on the I.S. EN 62305 standards which should be of invaluable assistance to your design team. These presentations will be provided at no charge, at your office. Should you wish to avail of of this presentation offer please let us know and we will include your company personel within our presentation schedules (please notify by email, with details of those who wish to attend).
Meanwhile we remain at your service and as Specialists, assure you of our highest installation standards and design assistance.

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