Lightning Protection to I.S. EN 62305 Parts 1 to 4 Inclusive



Welcome to J.A.C. Ltd.

JAC Ltd is a wholly owned Irish company which was set up by Joseph A. Clancy in 2007.

As Engineering and Design specialists, we have been designing, installing, testing and certifying Lightning Protection (Internal & External) systems for almost 35 years and maintain a full training schedule for our electrically qualified Lightning Protection installers. We can also provide you with annual maintenance proposals, all in accordance with the requirements of I.S. EN 62305. Our continued association with Furse UK products, going back to 1974, is testament to our insistence on the utmost quality and performance to our designs and installations.

Our aim as experienced and respected Lightning Protection Engineering Specialists is to encourage ABSOLUTE STANDARDS COMPLIANCE, with concequential reduced liability and a safer environment for our customers.

Your contact with Joseph A. Clancy Limited could be the start of a job well done, or, at the very least, free and factual technical support.

JAC Lightning Protection Engineering

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